About Us

In Shishalicious we have the best kind of shisha flavours and ways that you never had before is space and we can make any kind of shisha for you just come and tell us ahead of time .

Best Drinks

Who doesn’t like to drink something with Shisha ! we have all kind of arab drinks like barbican and Arabic Coffee

Best Food

All kind of Arab, Turkish and other kind of delicious food with the best shisha and the best prices. Don’t miss it !



Shisha Flavors

Double apple | Grape | Grape mint | Peach | Mango | Watermelon | Lemon  | Mint | Orange | Vanilla | Rose | Strawberry | Grape berry | Grape fruit | Berry | Kiwi
(Extra Head $6.99)
(All shisha comes with orange heads)

House Mix & Starbuzz

Shishalicious mix | King of shisha mix | Bluemist | Queen of sex | Sex on the Beach | Code 69 | Citrus mist
(Extra Head $7.99)
(All shisha comes with orange heads)

Special Heads

Pineapple | Watermelon

Coming soon!

Coming soon!

Coming soon!

Opening Time

Every Day!12:00 pm to 2 am

5130 Dixie Rd, Mississauga, ON L4W 4K2
803 Dundas St E Mississauga ON L4Y 2B7